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Individually tailored guitar lessons in Blackpool.

As a guitar teacher, I understand exactly what it feels like to be a beginner and will make 100% sure you feel comfortable at all times.

There's no need to feel worried or nervous when you come along for your first lesson. You'll instantly feel at ease with a cup of my trademark tea/coffee or whatever other beverage you prefer (seriously though try the tea...it rocks!) and a friendly chat about exactly what you'd like to achieve.

My lessons are structured to give the student a clear path when studying the guitar. Too many teachers jump between subjects with no real flow from lesson to lesson, ultimately resulting in the student growing frustrated from a lack of progress.

That's not so at my lessons, you can rest assured that every lesson will have a purpose and a specific aim to push your playing forwards and get you achieving your guitar playing goals! I mainly give lessons 1-2-1 though am available to teach pairs/small groups too. You can rest assured your lessons will run at your own pace allowing you to maximise your lesson time without pressure!

If you are unsure of exactly what you would like to learn but are interested in playing the guitar, I can design a plan to look at a number of aspects, so that you get a feel for what you can do on the guitar. This way you can explore many different areas and styles in order to find out what is right for you as a guitar player, and really make the most of your practice.

Alongside my guitar lessons, I now also offer Ukulele Lessons to anyone who wants to learn this versatile little instrument as it has become a very popular instrument to learn to play.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, give me a call now on 03455 086739 info@guitarlessonsblackpool.com.

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